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What are the precautions when installing the kitchen equipment oil fume purifier in Shenyang?

What are the precautions when installing the kitchen equipment oil fume purifier in Shenyang?



Shenyang kitchen equipment

In order to reduce the additional resistance of the fan. It is better to keep a straight pipe section of 1-2 meters at the inlet of the fan.

When the air is exhausted by a unified exhaust fan, when multiple devices are used in parallel. It must also be ensured that the proportion of the air volume allocated to each device is close to the proportion of the air volume he intends to handle.

Air leakage prevention measures shall be taken at the connection of each air pipe. To ensure the purification efficiency of the equipment.

In order to ensure the purification results, the air volume of the individual fan is supposed to be greater than the intended air volume of the equipment. The equipment must work at the intended air volume, and the user can control the fan with a frequency converter or install an air regulating valve device at the air outlet of the fan.

The equipment should work under negative air pressure to ensure the infection effectiveness of the equipment. That is, the fan must be located in front of the equipment.

A rain-proof and sun-shading awning should be installed during outdoor assembly. It saves affecting the normal operating life of the equipment and increasing unnecessary maintenance costs.

The variable-diameter air duct adjacent to the air inlet and outlet of the equipment should be as smooth as possible to ensure the transmission efficiency of the equipment. Straight pipes with a length more than 4 times larger than the pipe diameter must be assembled, and smooth pipes must be used for connection. Therefore, when connecting the air pipe of the light fan of the equipment, a soft connection must be adopted. When the equipment is running, it will not work normally if it is subjected to vibration.