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Do you understand the principles of kitchen equipment layout?

The layout and decoration of modern hotels’ kitchens has developed along with the social and economic development. The development of the catering industry has been at the forefront of rapid development in recent years. The standard of decoration has been developed very slowly. The following is the principle of the layout of hotel kitchen equipment.

1. In line with the principles of the kitchen production process.

The layout of the kitchen should be based on receiving, warehousing, rough processing, cutting, cooking, meal preparation, production (sale), tableware recycling and other processes in order to properly position the equipment, only in this way can ensure the smooth progress of the kitchen's various processes. Effective connection to prevent cross-dislocation in the work process and affect work efficiency.

2. Adhere to the principle of separating raw and cooked.

In order to effectively prevent cross-contamination accidents during food processing, five specializations should be made to the processing of cooked foods, namely special personnel operation, special production tools, special storage equipment and special disinfection facilities and equipment.

3. The principle of separating cold and hot, and separating dry and wet.

The raw material processing location in the kitchen must be separated from the cooking area. Because all kinds of stoves in the cooking area emit higher temperatures, they will affect the raw and cold raw materials placed within a certain range, accelerate the rate of deterioration of raw materials, and affect the heat dissipation and cooling functions of refrigeration equipment. The storage requirements of food raw materials are quite different, and the requirements for dryness and humidity are also different. Dry food and seasoning raw materials should not be wet, and fresh raw materials should not be dried.

4. The principle of convenience and safety.

The layout of kitchen equipment should be considered to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The main passage in the kitchen should not be less than 1.2 meters, and the general passage should not be narrower than 0.7 meters.

If the layout of the hotel kitchen equipment is unreasonably designed, it will cause confusion, cross-fighting, low efficiency, and scientific management of raw materials. If cleanliness and sanitation overlap, it will endanger the health of diners and may cause poisoning accidents.