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Golden Kitchen introduces 6 major categories of kitchen equipment

Whether it is a large hotel or a small hotel, the kitchen is the top priority of a hotel. The hotel kitchen equipment in the kitchen is very important to the kitchen. Because consumers now pay more attention to hygiene and health, we will choose well-equipped and well-made Kitchen equipment, do you know what are the classifications of hotel kitchen equipment? Golden Kitchen Kitchenware will share with you.

Hotel kitchen equipment

1. Cleaning equipment

Dishwashing, dishes, bowls and other tableware need to be cleaned through the washing station. Generally, we will configure a multi-star washing basin in the hotel kitchen, which can realize the cleaning operation of multiple people at the same time. If you want to improve efficiency, you can choose an intelligent dishwasher equipment.

2. Disinfection equipment

Customer source, price, taste, and service are very important to the operation and evaluation of hotels, but we cannot and ignore the same aspect of hygiene. Disinfection of tableware and utensils is an important source of hygiene, so choose a batch of safe and environmentally friendly disinfection cabinets. Vital.

3. Stainless steel kitchenware

Stainless steel kitchen utensils mainly refer to steel tools such as workbenches, food delivery carts, shelves, and pie tray carts. In the hotel kitchen, it is best to choose stainless steel steel tools, because they have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, durability, and beauty. We pay more attention to the safety and hygiene of kitchenware, so we generally recommend that it is more suitable to use stainless steel kitchenware that is qualified and easy to clean.

4. Mechanical processing equipment

The mechanical energy should be done as much as possible. Mechanization can improve the work efficiency of chefs in the kitchen. For example, the dough mixers, meat grinders, and grinders we use are common kitchen processing equipment. Working in the kitchen is both convenient and easy.

5. Stove equipment

Stoves are necessary in any kitchen equipment and one of the most basic equipment. Therefore, in the hotel kitchen equipment, we can see many small cooking stoves, large boilers, clay pot stoves and other stoves. The stove equipment is divided into electromagnetic stove and gas stove, so when we choose equipment, we can equip suitable kitchen utensils according to the requirements of the hotel.

6. Steam cabinet equipment

One stir-fry and two steaming are the most commonly used methods in hotel cuisine. In Shandong, Guangdong cuisine, which is mainly light cuisine, the most used kitchen equipment is the steaming cabinet. The common steaming seafood, steaming rice, and steaming buns will all use the steaming cabinet. , Because the use of the steam cabinet has the advantage of maintaining the original flavor of the dishes, and now the steam cabinet equipment is divided into two types: gas and electromagnetic.

The above 6 categories are the basic classification of hotel kitchen equipment, and they are also indispensable in the current kitchen equipment. No matter what kind of equipment is required to be maintained, only reasonable maintenance and use can ensure the long-term use of kitchen equipment. If you have any questions about the equipment, please consult the hotel kitchen equipment manufacturer-Liaoning Jinchu Kitchenware.