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How to distinguish the advantages of energy-saving kitchen stoves in Shenyang?

Energy-saving stoves are one of the most common kitchen utensils in Shenyang. To distinguish the quality of energy-saving stoves, one can judge from the following five aspects:

1. Understand thermal efficiency: Thermal efficiency is an important goal to measure whether a stove is energy-saving. Gas professions use this goal to measure whether a stove is energy-saving, and it must be subject to inspection statements issued by a professional third party. Usually, the thermal efficiency is 70. Energy-saving stoves above% are a good choice.

2. Noise: Noise is also a kind of pollution, and a good energy-saving stove has low noise.

3. Smoke outlet temperature: This is a very simple test method. The temperature of the smoke outlet of a good energy-saving stove is very low, and the smoke outlet of the usual stove is not close to it.

4. Energy-saving rate: Energy-saving rate is a question that many customers care about. Many manufacturers will make a big fuss on this data. Actually, it still depends on the test data. Usually, the energy-saving rate of large stoves above 40% is very good.

5. Waste gas emissions: Carbon monoxide generated by incineration is a gas harmful to humans and the environment. The national standard is not more than 0.1%. The smaller the value, the better Shenyang kitchenware.