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How to choose Shenyang kitchenware for boiled egg custard?

I believe that many people like to eat delicious and simple egg custard and will make it. But the taste you want to make is good, and the appearance is delicate and smooth. In addition to the choice of materials and heat, the choice of Shenyang kitchen utensils is also particularly important.

How to choose Shenyang kitchenware for boiled egg custard

The best choice is a stainless steel bowl with good thermal conductivity, which not only saves fire but also makes it easier to control the temperature and avoid excessive time. If you don't have a stainless steel bowl in your home, a thinner porcelain bowl is fine. After the water is boiled, put it in a bowl with egg mixture and steam for about 10 minutes.

In addition, some people like to steam the egg liquid in small bowls according to the number of people, while others are used to steaming them in a large bowl. Which is faster and more nutritious? The two methods are actually similar. If you use a container of the same material, the time required is almost the same. Don't worry, the high temperature of water vapor when steaming custard will destroy the nutrition of the egg, because the nutrition of the egg is mainly protein and minerals, which are relatively stable and will not be easily destroyed. Compared with frying, steaming can keep more nutrients.

When steaming egg custard, it is best to add a cover to the bowl to make the egg liquid evenly heated from top to bottom, which can avoid the situation that the surface is honeycomb and the bottom is not cooked.

When cooking, choosing the appropriate Shenyang kitchenware is directly related to the quality of the dishes. When you make it again, be sure to choose the right tableware, so that the whole family can taste your craftsmanship.