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Shenyang Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. will show you how to clean Shenyang kitchen equipment

Whether the kitchen is clean and hygienic directly affects the health of the family. Everyone knows that the kitchen is a place full of oily fume, so kitchen equipment is the most easily dirty thing. The following Shenyang Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce you how to clean Shenyang kitchen equipment.

1. Screen window oil stain

First use a broom to sweep away the dust on the surface, add 500 ml of water with 15 grams of cleaning essence, stir evenly and wipe both sides with a rag to remove greasy. Or add a small amount of milk to the laundry solution, and the window screen will be the same as the new one.

2. Furniture oil stains

Add an appropriate amount of vinegar to the clean water, and then wipe to remove the oil stains. Or soak it in a bleach solution for a while and then wipe it, the stain removal effect is also good.

3. Countertop maintenance

No matter what kind of material is afraid of high humidity corrosion, you should be careful to avoid hot pot during use. The hot pot is directly in contact with the kitchen cabinet, and it is best to place it on the pot rack; during operation, you should try to avoid using sharp objects to hit the countertop, door panel, Scratches are produced in history. Chemical substances have corrosive effects on the countertops of many materials. For example, the stainless steel countertops may rust if they are exposed to salt. Therefore, you should also pay attention to avoiding soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the countertops; artificial cabinets should avoid water stains for a long time Stay on the table.

4. Door panel cleaning

The material of the door panel is similar to that of the countertop, so its maintenance and cleaning are similar to the countertop. Painted door panels cannot be used as soluble and resin solvents and should not be used as panel cleaners. 1.Greasy dirt on the ground

Pour a little vinegar on the mop to remove the grease on the ground. If it is a cement floor, you can get some plant ash the night before, mix it with water to make a paste, and then rinse it with clean water repeatedly, and the cement floor can be completely new.

5. Stove oil stains

The liquefied gas cooker in kitchen equipment is most likely to be stained with oil. At this time, you can apply viscous rice soup on the cooker. After the rice soup is crusted and dry, gently scrape it off with an iron sheet, so that the oil will scab easily with the rice soup. They are removed together. If you use a thinner rice soup, noodle soup to clean directly, or clean with mullet bones, the effect is also good.

6.Glass stain

It can be wiped with alkaline decontamination powder, and then easily coated on the glass with sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia. After half an hour, wipe with a cloth, the glass will become bright and clean. Shenyang kitchen equipment.