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Inspection before installation of Shenyang kitchen appliances

In order to ensure the safe and convenient use of Shenyang kitchenware after installation, the Shenyang kitchenware delivered to the site should be inspected before installation. Then how to check it, let me introduce to you!

The inspection items and requirements are as follows: 2 The wood-based panel veneer is not allowed to have defects such as bubbling, cracking, pollution, snowflakes, obvious scratches, uneven color, etc., and the hole center position on the plate and parts is deviated from the reference margin size. The depth of drawers and cabinets not greater than 0.3 mm F should match, the slide rails should be installed firmly, uniform in size, and free to slide; the wood-based board barrel and door leaf edges should be sealed; the screws should be flat and firm, and there must be no Skewing, outcropping, sliding buckle phenomenon? The periphery of the glass door is edging, the thickness of the glass is not less than 5 mm, the thickness is uniform, and the connection with the cabinet body is firm; the fittings are installed completely, tightly, correct and firm, and there is no chipping at the joint. Loose, through nails, inverted nails, bent nails, floating nails, there are no missing parts or missing parts; hinges, bumpers and other opening and closing accessories are installed firmly and flexibly; the gap between the door leaf and the cabinet body is the same, and the height of the adjacent door leaf is the same.

Familiar with the above Shenyang kitchenware inspection method is very useful, welcome to pay attention to this website, the editor will update it regularly!