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Hotel Shenyang kitchen equipment must have the ability to resist pollution. The selection scale of kitchen equipment. Hardcover room equipment usually refers to the operating platform equipped for catering activities in the family.

Shenyang kitchen equipment manufacturers teach you how to reduce kitchen fume when cooking? To avoid kitchen fume and improve kitchen air quality, you must learn to reduce kitchen fume. If you love cooking, you may wish to try the following methods:

Energy-saving stoves are one of the most common kitchen utensils in Shenyang. To distinguish the quality of energy-saving stoves, one can judge from the following five aspects:

I believe that many people like to eat delicious and simple egg custard and will make it. But the taste you want to make is good, and the appearance is delicate and smooth. In addition to the choice of materials and heat, the choice of Shenyang kitchen utensils is also particularly important.

Understanding thermal efficiency: Thermal efficiency is an important indicator to measure whether a stove is energy-saving. The gas industry uses this indicator to measure whether a stove is energy-saving, and it must be subject to a test report issued by a professional third party. Generally, the thermal efficiency is more than 70% energy-saving The stove is a good choice.

Whether the kitchen is clean and hygienic directly affects the health of the family. Everyone knows that the kitchen is a place full of oily fume, so kitchen equipment is the most easily dirty thing. The following Shenyang Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce you how to clean Shenyang kitchen equipment.

In order to ensure the safe and convenient use of Shenyang kitchen utensils after installation, the Shenyang kitchen utensils delivered to the site should be inspected before installation. Then how to check it, let me introduce to you!

Now there are many types of kitchen equipment in Shenyang, but among the many kitchen equipment, how to choose and what issues need to be paid attention to, the following Liaoning Jinchu will give you some tips!

The people regard food as their heaven. For ordinary people, Shenyang kitchen equipment is the first "close contact" with food. Faced with a dazzling array of kitchenware market, Liaoning Jinchu teaches you how to choose and use safely!

We are in the kitchen every day, and we are using Shenyang kitchen equipment, so the editor today will tell you which parts of the kitchen need to be cleaned regularly:

There are many kitchen equipment manufacturers in Shenyang. How should we choose? Combining my more than ten years of experience in this industry, here are some points:

Maintenance work can be divided into: regular maintenance and condition monitoring maintenance.